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Your Energy Efficiency Specialist

Give yourself the comfort that you deserve


Our Consultation Services



Heat brings the warmth and comfort for your well-being throughout the year. EvoAir offers the recommandations of the most efficient & economical heating systems from the best brands for a fully adapted to your real needs installation.


Keep control of your indoor environment at any time. Keep heat and unwanted moistures away for your comfort through the many high quality solutions recommended by ÉvoAir .



Air quality has an impact on your health and well-being; therefore, to answer this problem, ventilation is a solution of choice. ÉvoAir recommends many high quality ventilation systems that also allow you to make significant energy savings

Thermostat Intelligent


A total temperature control of your home and your energy consumption. ÉvoAir offers the latest technology to help you plan ahead or remotely control your heating to significant energy savings and comfort throughout the year.

Energy Analysis

ÉvoAir is available to perform a comprehensive analysis of the energy consumption of your building.  By analyzing the flow of energy in your building, Evoair can detect any potential areas that dampen efficiency.

Duct Cleaning


EvoAir performs duct cleaning using the best specialized equipment available on the market. We make sure that the conduits are as clean as possible so that our customers can benefit from a healthy and comfortable environment.

Air Purification

Pollution of indoor air is a phenomenon whose impact is often underestimated , it is exacerbated by outdoor pollution. ÉvoAir offers the latest solutions on the market to completely clean the air in your indoor environment. Protect your health and improve your comfort by eliminating all pollutants, microbes and viruses.


Maintenance and Repair

EvoAir offers experienced professionals to achieve as soon as possible all maintenance and repairs for your heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) needs. You benefit from greater expertise at competitive rates . Intervention in a radius of 150 km around and in Montreal .

Efficiency - Comfort - Reliability

Free Consultations

Our professional consultants conduct a thorough study of all your needs in terms of energy efficiency, heating, ventilation , air conditioning and air treatment.


Courteous and competent , they are totally at your service and take the time necessary to collect all relevant information to advise you better.

Personalized Solutions

We offer customized solutions completely to meet your needs and maximize your comfort. 


Our mission is to bring you complete satisfaction in building your project in the most efficient way possible.

No Strings Attached

We offer detailed prices with comprehensive descriptions to facilitate mutual understanding and advance your project with confidence.


We respect our customers by being on time with deadlines, providing reasonable budgets and complete transparency at every step.

High Quality Installations

Our certified and experienced technicians consistently apply the best techniques in the industry for reliable installations for the highest quality.


They realize your installation with great care, fully respecting your requirements.

Increase Your Savings

Putting at your disposal our expertise in the field of energy efficiency and the best products available on the market.

We enable you to make significant savings on your energy bills .


We are able to detect all your technical/mechanical problems and effectively protect your investments, bringing you complete peace of mind.

Thermography is a tool that allows you to investigate anomalies in your building in a non-intrusive way. We are able to determine the cause and applicable corrective measures to resolve the situation.


Epurair Filter

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